Roberty Reynolds consumed a special formula that gave him "the power of a thousand exploding suns" by turning him into the superpowered being known as the Sentry.



Robert Reynolds was a regular kid at a high school in the state of Washington who was given superpowers after drinking a secret formula that he thought was some sort of narcotic drug. Upon discovering his powers, Robert vowed to use them for good and became a superhero, calling himself the Sentry.

Early CareerEdit

Sentry met a student at his high school who was also a fellow crimefighting superhero named Retro. Retro specifically targeted molestors in the school (he himself almost having been molested as a child), especially the most powerful molestor at the school, Chester. With the Sentry's help, Retro was able to take down Chester, thus putting a stop to his molesting crime spree.

Shortly after this, a group of criminals hired the villain Rockslide to take out the Sentry. Sentry got word of this, and mistook The Thing for Rockslide. Sentry easily defeated The Thing, so easily that when Rockslide actually showed up he surrendered to Sentry without even trying to fight him.

Sentry was next targeted by the mutant called Boom-Boom, who was working for Gladiator. Sentry was able to defeat Gladiator after his show of power caused Gladiator's confidence to plummet, thus physically weakening him.

After stealing Cerebro, the Leader took control of the Sentry in order to use him to fight off the X-Men, who had managed to track down the Leader. The X-Men were barely able to hold off Sentry while Professor X and Jean Grey defeated the Leader in a mental battle.

Sentry then met the traveling fighters Ken and Ryu, who had sought him out in order to fight him. Sentry easily defeated them both.

A hillbilly metahuman named Mountain Man traveled around beating up Sentry imposters in front of large crowds for money. When Sentry heard about this, he secretly put himself in place of the imposter Sentry scheduled to fight Mountain Man. During the fight, the Sentry realized that Mountain Man actually believed he had been beating the real Sentry all those times. Feeling sorry for the ignorant hillbilly, the Sentry decided to let him win.

New York CityEdit

Sentry went to New York City after he felt that there was not much crime for him to deal with in his hometown. He rescued Matt Murdock's legal partner Foggy Nelson and their secretary Betty Blake from several thugs, and later he teamed up with J. Jonah Jameson to hunt down Spider-Man after a video was posted on the web of a guy dressed up like Spider-Man pretended to kill somebody. The duo was ultimately unable to aprehend the real Spider-Man, but they did manage to capture an imposter.

Later, while still in New York City, Sentry had a rematch with The Thing. Juggernaut and The Thing were in the middle of a brawl in the Bartender's bar when the Sentry showed up to see what all the commotion was about. The results of the triple threat encounter were inconclusive.

Return to WashingtonEdit

Sentry then returned back to his hometown and was immediately attacked by a supervillain named Cranio.