The Punisher is a vigilante who operates primarily in New York City .


The Punisher first appeared during the multi-hero bust on the Constrictor's weapons auction. Unlike the other heroes there, he used guns and killed several gangsters.

The Punisher attempted to track down the ninja gang called the Six Fingers of the Right Hand that was trying to kill Daredevil. He almost got a solid lead after a several day stakeout of Murdock's legal office after several men working for a mobster affiliated with the Six Fingers of the Right Hand began to rough up Foggy Nelson and Betty Blake because they believed they were friends of Daredevil. Planning on following the men back to their headquarters, his efforts proved fruitless after the Sentry appeared and beat the men up.

The Punisher was present for the stakeout in Central Park involving Daredevil and some other heroes against the Six Fingers of the Right Hand. Although the Punisher did not fight any of the ninjas, he did kill an ally of them called The Butcher and rescued several people that he had kidnapped inside his butcher shop. He also shot the notorious robber Henry Waters, but Waters somehow managed to survive and escaped.


  1. Punisher: Somebody's gotta make the first move.