Iron Man

Tony Stark is a multi-bilionair playboy engineer who became the superhero Iron Man after shrapnel lodged in his heart forced him to install life-sustaining machinery in his chest.


Tony Stark met Steve Rogers while at his Stark Industries site in New York.

The Red Barbarian sent the Russian scientist Dr. Ivan Vanko in the original Crimson Dynamo armor to capture Tony Stark, so that he could enslave him just as he had Vanko. While Vanko snooping around near Stark Industries, Captain America tried to aprehend him, but his Crimson Dynamo suit proved to be too formidable for Cap. The commotion caused Stark to don his Iron Man armor. He was able to defeat Vanko, and he and Captain America even prevented the other Russian agents from killing Vanko for his failure. Vanko then told them that he did not want to do this, but was being forced to by the Red Barbarian. Stark had no sympathy for the man he had just fought; however, S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Jasper Sitwell decided that it would be best if Dr. Vanko was employed by Stark Industries, so that he could both hide from the Red Barbarian and work on projects. Stark detested the idea, but Sitwell essentially forced him to hire Vanko anyways.