After being blinded by toxic chemicals while just a kid, Matt Murdock gained enhanced senses, which he now uses to fight crime as the mysterious Daredevil.



Matt Murdock's mother died while he was still a very young child, so he was raised for almost all of his childhood by just his father, an aging professional boxer named "Battlin" Jack Murdock. Jack Murdock did not want his son to follow in his footsteps, so he made him study very hard. Matt was an excellent student, but the other kids at school would pick on him because he never did anything but study, teasing him by calling him a "daredevil" and sometimes beating him up.

One day, Matt noticed an old man crossing the street about to get hit by a military truck (the driver of the truck was having a myocardial infarction), so Matt quickly ran out and pushed the old man out of the way. The other soldier in the truck was able to grab the wheel and swerve shaprly off of the road, resulting in a canister of chemicals in the bed of the truck to fall off and break open on the side of the street. The chemicals spewed into Matt's eyes, blinding him and rendering him unconscious. When Matt awoke in the hospital, he realized that not only was he blinded by the chemicals, but he also had enhanced senses of smell, hearing, touch, and taste and had gained a sort of radar sense. Matt kept these abilities a secret from anyone.

During high school, Matt began to secretly work out with his father's boxing equipment whenever his father was gone. He also practiced gymnastics, letting his enhanced senses guide him around.

Matt was accepted to Columbia University as a pre-law student, where he met his roommate and eventual legal sidekick Franklin "Foggy" Nelson. All Foggy wanted to do was party, but Matt forced him to study also, thus helping him get through college. Later during his freshman year, Matt met a coed named Elektra Natchios, the daughter of the Greek ambassador to the United States. The two fell in love, and Elektra was the only person who Matt revealed his enhanced senses to. One day, several terrorists held the ambassador and his daughter hostage in the third floor of the student union building. Matt sneaked past the police barracade outside the building and put a bandana around his so nobody would notice him, then he scaled the building and entered in through a window undetected. He quickly fought his way into the room where Elektra and her father were being held, and he and Elektra disposed of the remaining terrorists. The day would end in tragedy, however, as a trigger happy police sniper otuside accidentally shot Elektra's father when he stood up next to a window. Over the next few days, Elektra fell into a state of depression, ultimately leading to her withdrawal from the university and sudden departure back to Greece, leaving Matt and her ideals of helping the world behind.

Meanwhile, Jack Murdock had been fighting his way up the heavyweight ranks thanks to a gangster named The Fixer, who fixed Murdock's fights to set up a superfight number one contender's match between him and a Russian boxer who had previously beaten Murdock. Murdock was told to take a fall, and initially he was going to, much to the disgust of his trainer Eddie March. When Matt and his college friends got word of the huge fight his dad was going to be a part of, they immediately bought tickets and went to Las Vegas to watch it live (of course, Matt couldn't visually watch it, so Foggy volunteered to give him the play-by-play, however, he was distracted by the shapely figure of the woman sitting in front of them to be of much use to Matt). During the fight, Jack Murdock changed his mind and decided that he wanted to win the fight, which he was able to do, resulting in The Fixer sending a hitman to kill him while he was walking back to his hotel.

Matt and Foggy both graduated from Columbia and then went to law school together. After passing law school, they set up a legal firm in New York City with Karen Page as their secretary.

Matt later learned from Eddie March that The Fixer was behind his father's murder. He vowed vengeance, and donned the Daredevil costume. He attacked Fixer and his gang, easily beating them up. He chased The Fixer all the way down into a subway station, where The Fixer fell dead fo a heart attack due to the stress of the devilish figure chasing him.

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